About Us

Rosana Emídio here; welcome.

My career in customer service was my first. I'm a technology geek with a business administration degree.

I enjoy learning new things, and I always try to do things with love.

I look for chances that will stretch me and help me learn a lot, both personally and professionally.

creation of a useful website for the non-profit organization Casa Florescer. The delivery, which was made as a team, was a component of the actual client project completed during the bootcamp at "reprograma."

The Florescer residence serves as a gathering place for transgender people and transvestites. For everyone involved, creating this site was enriching. Made with BOOTSTRAP, SASS, HTML, and CSS. Additionally responsive and screen-specifically adaptable

I learnt and did a variety of tasks throughout my internship, such as planning meetings and buying supplies. Due to my strong interpersonal and organizational skills, I truly loved carrying out my obligations.

I used Microsoft Excel to help me arrange my calendars and control sheets, and Microsoft Money to help me keep track of my spending.

Daily tasks I carried out included setting up the workspace, opening and closing the cashier, and providing the greatest customer service. Dealing with people well has always been beneficial to me, especially when selling goods.